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Helping You Find Clarity In Your Life And Your Relationships


Project YOU!

“You deserve to be happy, to feel confident and to feel loved!”

Hi, my name is Katyan and I’ve had my own share of moments where I’ve wondered, if any of the above was actually possible.

We can all agree that the quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives. So when our hearts are broken or our relationships challenged,  we might feel like the quality of our very lives, have changed.

I love helping women who feel stuck; women who are looking for clarity and women who have been through a difficult relationship or breakup to regain their sense of Self-Worth, Self-Appreciation and Self-love.

So today, if you want to feel more confident,  peaceful and open to more of life’s experiences, I would be honored to help you.


Relationship Reboot!

We can all attest that once a relationship grows things change and if not nurtured, small issues can develop into circumstances that are difficult to maneuver and resolve.

So whether your relationship is just beginning to show signs of stress, or you find yourself struggling to overcome those rough spots, the Relationship Reboot can help!

The Relationship Reboot Program was designed specifically for couples in long-term committed relationships. This includes couples that are married or couples who have formalized their commitment in other ways.

This program seeks to provide you with the tools and the clarity that is required to either get you back on track and reconnected, or to assist you in gaining the insights required to help you in making the best decision for your individual futures.




Set and maintain boundaries

Say YES to yourself and No to the things that do not serve you

Silence Your Inner Critic and have more self confidence

About Me

I am a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Meditation Teacher from the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago, but more importantly, I am a woman who knows what it feels like to have her heart broken, to be confused about my next steps and to struggle with sadness and anxiety.
Over the years I have also learned how to reevaluate, rediscover and redefine the life I want and now I help women to do the same.
So if you are struggling to find clarity in your relationships, or you are dealing with feelings of loss, heartbreak or low self esteem, I would love to work with you.  Let me help you to rediscover your worth, take back your power and begin to design the life that you really want to live!

Katyan has been recognized as  A Women’s Empowerment Coach by 

Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.”


“I was at the age and stage where I thought I had me all figured out. However, after a situation reared its ugly head, I needed perspective and was led to reach out to Katyan. I learned so much about people, about life and most of all, about me just from that one talk. And what I appreciate most is that Katyan gives you the facts: very balanced, from all angles yet without making you feel like the worst thing in the world. And boy can we all appreciate someone like that! – Jody

I was introduced to you at a time when I was at my lowest, I saw myself as unworthy, broken and completely useless. You were the unbiased voice I needed, you helped me to deal with unresolved feelings from my childhood and relationships. I definitely recommend working with you. Anyone who needs a mirror to show them their true selves needs a Katyan. – Marilyn

Katyan Roach is a dynamic and versatile life coach/motivational speaker/facilitator/author. 
She is very engaging and the sessions she has conducted have all been life-changing/empowering. 
Katyan has a wealth of experience, and is highly knowledgeable. 
She is able to successfully provide you with the tools to have a positive outlook on life, experience healing and be a more evolved you. – Natasha

I was feeling stuck to the point where I was unable to do regular routine activities. In addition to the ‘stories’ I was telling myself. When I started talking with Katyan something shifted and within a few sessions I was going for daily walks and tackling my tasks one day at a time. Whenever the feeling come back, I now have the tools to jump start myself and to get going. Katyan has a gentle and effective way of guiding/ supporting you to find your way. ~Gayle

“My wife and I were struggling to hold our relationship together. After 7 year we were drifting apart and reaching out to Katyan, felt like our last resort. Katyan helped us to find clarity and reconnection.
We were able to work on improving our communication and learned how to overcome many of our misunderstanding. We now feel more connected and better able to weather the storms. ~A & R

I’ve been to multiple therapy sessions in the past before and this is the first time I felt as though the coach actually listened to my concern before responding. I appreciated the need to find a solution and differentiate relationships within my life. The clarity definitely helped me confront my situation and get it over with for the ease of life. I would definitely recommend working with Katyan for my future self and others. ~Van