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Every life has a story and every story the ability to Inspire!
This podcast seeks to create a space where women can have candid conversations about life, love and lessons learned. It is my hope that through the power of the shared story, we can learn from each other, create a supportive community and discover new perspectives on how we can improve our lives.


Season 2: Health Anxiety: A Survivor’s Story

We can all attest that living though a pandemic has run havoc on our nerves. For many anxiety levels are through the roof. So I was extremely happy to talk to my latest podcast guest Sarah Falk, a 4 time Cancer survivor who shared tips on how to deal with Health...

Season 2: Friend and Lovers, Making Love Last

What does it take to have a long lasting, loving and successful relationship? This is the questions I wanted answered when I decided to chat with Jeline. Jeline and Sheldon have been married for the past 24 years and continue to be great friends and lovers. Both...

Season 2: Episode 10 Rainbows and Babies

A miscarriage carries with it, so many emotions, from feelings of loss to thinking that something is 'wrong with you' but Natasha Carlow shares her story of strength and hope as she reminders us, that in times like these, we do not not have to go through these moments...

Season 2: Aren’t We all Polyamorous?

Monogamous or Polyamorous? What say you? Some would argue that we are not monogamous by nature but only sit in this space because of societal norms. While others believe that we all long to find the "one". This is the concept that I discuss with Lena Lang who shares...

Season 2: Can We Really Re-imagine Grief?

When it comes to dealing with grief and loss never will we be more tested than in the middle of a Global Pandemic! Life continues even in the middle of it all and almost daily, we are forced to deal with our feelings surrounding death and loss. In this episode, I talk...

Season 2: Can you Manifest the Life you want?

Michelle Borel describes herself as woman who is focused on love and the power of "I am!" She is a Radio personality, television host, producer, marketer and author! Flowing with energy, she spoke to me about the inspiration behind her writings and how you too, can...

Season 2: Becoming to Being

I read a quote that said "it's strange how often a heart must be broken, before the years can make it wise." This rang true for me as I spoke to Angelina Watkins a Transformation Coach who now helps women navigate through their own "heartbreak experience" but it took...

Season 2: Female Infidelity

Many of the infidelity stories I've heard have come from women who have had to deal with the sadness and loss of trust, when their partner strayed. However, always wanting to have fair representation of topics as heavy as these, I reached out to Jillian Lama who...

Katy had me hooked with the first episode. So few times do people sit and really share and make you connect on a human level to others and the struggles we all face. I love the principals behind the podcast and the intent and Katy delivers it perfectly. I predict this podcast will be a huge success. 

Thanks for creating a platform to share these amazing stories. I’m sure they will not only encourage but motivate and inspire women around the world. Great conversations.

Randomly Rasheeda

Katy does such a phenomenal job hosting this podcast!! You can tell that she puts so much heart, thought, and passion into each new episode. I have resonated so deeply with so many of her messages. She is such a light!!


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