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Every life has a story and every story the ability to Inspire!
This podcast seeks to create a space where women can have candid conversations about life, love and lessons learned. It is my hope that through the power of the shared story, we can learn from each other, create a supportive community and discover new perspectives on how we can improve our lives.


Season 2: Coming Home To Yourself

Oftentimes behind the glitz and the glamour of success or what might appear to be the perfect life, hides a sadness that many cannot comprehend. Sarah Inglefield shares her story of how easy it is to become lost in the toxicity of a relationship that doesn't support...

Season 2: The Stammering Communicator

I read a quote that said "People who Stutter have the unique opportunity to teach the world to listen." This is what I felt when I interviewed Debbie-Ann Jollie. Yes Debbie stutters but she has refused to allow a speech impediment to define who she is and what she has...

Season 2: A Vaccination Story (Bonus Episode)

After chatting with Dr. Marlisha Smith, in the last episode, I was eager to pick her brain about the Covid-19 Vaccine. We recorded this earlier in the year when the roll-out had just begun and I wanted "insider information" 😉 Come listen as Marlisha shares her...

Bonus Episode: Let’s talk Change

Listen in as I chat with a few of my friends and members of the CWK community about what are some of the things that contribute to "toxic masculinity" and what we can personally do, to curb the rising tide of violence against women.

Season Finale: RIP Ashanti

This is not how I expected to end this season but when a young life is taken away in such a brutal and unexpected manner, we cannot remain silent!

Yes, you can “Have It All!”

Are you a working mom, who feels overwhelmed by the pressure to "Do it all?" Well you are not alone. Sarah Argenal, shares her journey of trying to juggle the never ending demands of work, career, marriage and motherhood and how she finally found her way off the...

It’s not Impossible

Rani Shares her story of being born in a rural village in India, where her family pushed past stigma, taboo and the social pressure to abort their differently abled baby girl. Today, she continues to teach us all about the power and the possibilities that comes from...

Loving Differently. . .A Caribbean “Coming Out” Story

Stigma, contempt and rejection are not rare for members of the LGBTQ community, but in the Caribbean, to openly identify as Gay, takes an immense amount of courage. While my guest doesn't lack the courage to share her story, she prefers to remain anonymous for her own...

Katy had me hooked with the first episode. So few times do people sit and really share and make you connect on a human level to others and the struggles we all face. I love the principals behind the podcast and the intent and Katy delivers it perfectly. I predict this podcast will be a huge success. 

Thanks for creating a platform to share these amazing stories. I’m sure they will not only encourage but motivate and inspire women around the world. Great conversations.

Randomly Rasheeda

Katy does such a phenomenal job hosting this podcast!! You can tell that she puts so much heart, thought, and passion into each new episode. I have resonated so deeply with so many of her messages. She is such a light!!


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