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Every life has a story and every story the ability to Inspire!
This podcast seeks to create a space where women can have candid conversations about life, love and lessons learned. It is my hope that through the power of the shared story, we can learn from each other, create a supportive community and discover new perspectives on how we can improve our lives.


How I changed my unhealthy relationship with food.

We can all admit that we live in a weight obsessed society. The messages around health and fitness, are oftentimes contradictory and confusing, so what do you do when the desire to be healthier, takes a dangerous turn? Emily Bright shares her story.

Escaping Domestic Violence – A Survivor Speaks

What do you do, when you find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle of abuse at the hands of the person who's promised, to love, cherish and honor you? Why would you continually go back to a relationship that is emotionally and physically abusive and how do you finally...

The Power of Resilience

Losing her mother at the age of 8. An absentee drug addicted Father and a family torn apart. The future didn't look too bright for Rasheeda but she was determined to not follow the path that circumstance had carved for her. She carved her own path and tells us how.

I Am My Own Advocate

Having one special needs child presents its own set of unique challenges, but Genie Dawkins, a single mom with not one but 4 children, who all have different behavioral and learning disabilities, talks to us about how at the end of a tumultuous relationship, she had...

“It’s Going To Be Okay” – A Survivors’ Story

What do you do when one minute, you're making plans, the next you're in a fight for your life? This is the very scary space that my guest and now sister-friend Vandana found herself in earlier this year but her Breast Cancer story, is one that will not only educate...

I Grew Up In A Cult! Alesia’s Story

This single line drew me into a story that I could not resist exploring. However, the conclusions might be far different from what you'd think. If you are in any type of relationship where you feel like you're losing your identity, come listen to Alesia's story.

Not Just Another Baby Story

Once Upon a Gene - Effie Park's world was turned upside down when her baby boy was born with a genetic disorder so rare, that his disability doesn't have a name! In Effie's quest to find clarity and support, she was able to find a way to work through her initial fear...

When loves goes wrong: A Survivors’ Story

Have you ever been in a relationship that started out "perfect" but took a dangerous turn? Meet Whytli Rogers who shares with us what she's learned from a relationship that moved from puppy love, to sexual, mental and emotional abuse. She's a survivor and she shares...

Introducing Conversations With Katy

Welcome to the very first episode of Conversations With Katy. I believe that every life has a story and every story, the ability to inspire and in this episode, I share not only my own story but I give you some insight into how this podcast is geared towards helping...

Katy had me hooked with the first episode. So few times do people sit and really share and make you connect on a human level to others and the struggles we all face. I love the principals behind the podcast and the intent and Katy delivers it perfectly. I predict this podcast will be a huge success. 

Thanks for creating a platform to share these amazing stories. I’m sure they will not only encourage but motivate and inspire women around the world. Great conversations.

Randomly Rasheeda

Katy does such a phenomenal job hosting this podcast!! You can tell that she puts so much heart, thought, and passion into each new episode. I have resonated so deeply with so many of her messages. She is such a light!!


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