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Welcome to Conversations With Katy!

A space that’s filled with honest conversations, tangible takeaways and new perspectives on how you can improve your life.

Raw and unscripted, we tell our stories of Life, Love and Lessons Learned.

So come join us if you want to explore what it takes to bring the best version of yourself to this thing called life! 


by Katyan Roach | Conversations With Katy

Listen to the stories of women who are unafraid to share their truth. Their stories will inspire you. Motivate, encourage and challenge you.  Most importantly help you to realise that whatever it is you might be going through today, you are not alone.

I grew up in a cult!

by Katyan Roach | Conversations With Katy

 I grew up in a Cult. This single line drew me into a story that I just could not resist exploring but the conclusions might be far different from what you think. Check out Alesia’s story of rediscovery and self acceptance


by Katyan Roach | Conversations With Katy

Welcome to the very first episode of Conversations with Katy! Listen as I explain my reason for starting this Podcast, but before I do, I want to start off by telling you a story about who I am and my motivation for doing this, plus who doesn’t love a good story?

It's going to be okay!

by Katyan Roach | Conversations With Katy

What do you do when one minute, you’re making plans, the next you’re in a fight for your life? This is the very scary space that my guest and now sister-friend Vandana found herself in earlier this year but her Breast Cancer story is one that will not only educate but encourage and give you hope.

When love goes wrong

by Katyan Roach | Conversations With Katy

In this episode Whytli Rogers shares what she learned from a relationship that moved from puppy love, to sexual and emotional abuse.  She’s a survivor and she shares her story of growth and personal development.

I am my own advocate

by Katyan Roach | Conversations With Katy

 A single parent with 4 children who all have different learning disabilities, Genie Dawkins talks to us about how at the end of a tumultuous relationship she has learned how to be not just an advocate for her children and others like them but for herself.

More than just a baby story

by Katyan Roach | Conversations With Katy

Effie’s world was turned upside down when her baby boy was  born with a genetic disorder so rare, his disability doesn’t have a name. She shares her story of how this experience  has taught her the importance of community and self care. Listen till the end for a “special gift” from baby Ford.

The power of resilience

by Katyan Roach | Conversations With Katy

Losing her mother at the age of 8. An absentee drug-addicted Father and a family torn apart. The future didn’t look too bright for Rasheeda but she was determined to not follow the path that circumstance had carved for her. She carved her own path and tells us how.